History and Background

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In early 1920s, a very embarrassing situation arose in Malkhana (North India) when thousands of Muslims were converted into the Hindu fold. It was a very critical time for Hindu Muslim relations in India, and is called “Period of Irtidad” amongst Muslims.
At this juncture, Siddique Deendar publicly declared that he had been appointed by Allah as the reincarnation of Chanbasveshwar to bring all Hindus to Islam. This was not whimsical declaration, but he had all signs of Chanbasveshwar described in Hindu religious books.
He was also confronted with stiff opposition from various Hindu groups, particularly the Lingayats, the AryaSamajists and the Sanatanists, for his religious views and missionary activities.
“All India will become Muslim”

Five Fundamental Principles of Peace

Creator is One


World Master is One


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What is Chanbasveshwar?

ChanBassweshwar is the combination of three Sanskrit Words Chann + Basso + Eshwer that is True / Real + Man + God (Allah). So ChanBassweshwar means true man of Allah or in Arabic can be translated as Siddique.

According to the holly scriptures of Hindus, ChanBassweshwar is a person who will guide the nation to the Jagat Garu. And he will come with his Fifty six of body signs and Ninety six earthly signs. He will also keep the nation about the real Atma, and help the nation to obey the rules of Eshwar. And prell signs adictions amazingly fit in with the personality of Siddique Deendar.