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Date. 06-05-2001
The media in India has come out with an official version of central government of Indian Union that they have imposed a ban on the activities of Deendar Anjuman in India. The reason they gave is the oft-repeated allegation of indulging in the terrorist activities, and conversion of Hindus to Islam. The President of Deendar Anjuman in India has time and again asserted that the authorities had established no solid proof of participation of the activists of Deendar Anjuman in the terrorist activities so far in India. The preaching activities are protected under the constitution of the Indian Union. The allegation of conversion to the faith of Islam is a misnomer, because we do not convert people of other faiths but simply make them to complete their own faiths by accepting Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) as the last and final messenger of Allah on the surface of earth. The pristine purity of the teachings of all foregone prophets of all religions has been distorted. The message brought by the prophet of Islam is the last and final word of Allah. This has been protected by no less a person than by Allah Himself. The last and final message is conveyed to the humanity in the shape of Holy Quran.
By imposing ban on the preaching activities of Deendar Anjuman the Indian Union has exposed its true colors. Now headed by diehard sermonized Hindu militants the country is to be declared ‘Darul Harab by the Muslim religious leaders in the Arab and other Muslim countries of the world. So far the religious scholars of Deo-band supported the political leadership of the Indian Union on the assumption that they remained neutral, and secular, in dealing with the affairs of the religious minorities. Now the complexion has totally changed. The Prime minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, has the audacity to declare publicly, reported by the worldwide media. That the militants, who destroyed Babri Masjid had national support. Mr. Shahabuddin, a Muslim political leader in India, had rights retorted what national support the Prime Minister of India is talking about only that of BJP’S 26 percent voters. It is futile to appeal to the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) in Jaddah, Saudi Arabia, because it is simply a debating society. No tangible action worth the name they have taker to safeguard the interests of Muslims in Europe and in India. More than 700,000, well-equipped army is deployed in Kashmir for every single Kashmiri in the valley there is one soldier. More than 70,000 Muslims have been mercilessly massacred in the valley. Their houses have been destroyed. Widespread poverty and despondency is prevalent among the Kashmiri Muslims. It is now the right time the religious leaders, Ulemas, rise to the occasion and at least declare India a “Darul Harab” Imposition of ban on the preaching activities of Deendar Anjuman is not new to us. After the fall of Hyderabad State to Indian forces in 1948 Deendar Anjuman was banned, but we contested this arbitrary action of authorities in the Supreme Court of India. The Supreme Court quashed the imposition of ban. The members of Deendar Anjuman are now contemplating again to file an appeal in the Supreme Court in India. The ban has been imposed invoking a highly controversial law. The Anjuman has been banned under Section 3(1) of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act 1967. Whenever this law was invoked it showed the mollified intention of the government. In this case of imposition of the ban on Deendar Anjuman it shows the deep-rooted hatred L.K.Advani bore against Muslims in general and against Deendar is particular. However, the lawyers have the vision and good judgment to plead our case in the Court of law. As the Muslims know that we have got a history of 75 years of struggle first against the British Raj in India, and thereafter we always stood, as a rock to the onslaught of Hindu militant organization. In this way we have been declared as the only Muslim Organization to safeguard the interests of Indian Muslims. We are to say we are only single representative body of the Muslims of the subcontinent.
For the fast one year, the Indian Govt. has been persecuting the members of Deendar Anjuman. They are being blamed for terrorist activities and being arrested and tortured. International media are also of the view that the present Indian Govt. headed by BJP has itself been involved, in one way or the other, in terrorist activities against minorities, Muslims, Christians etc. The recent ill-intended step taken by the Indian Govt. is to impose ban on the Anjuman which is going to challenge the ban in the court. Deendar Anjuman is indeed a religious party ordained in the Hindu scriptures. The Anjuman is to turning India a Muslim state. It has also proved that the prophet of Islam is the Jagat Guru waited by Hindus. So far, it has brought lacs of Hindus to the fold of Islam. The preaching activities of its members have frightened the Indian Govt., which now is putting up barriers to the Hindus, accepting Islam. But, however the Indian Government may be averse, God’s promise-shall come true, and India would become a Muslim. A few months back, God gave a lesson in the shape of the earthquake, but the Indian Govt. does not seem to have learned the lesson. Perhaps, it needs harsher punishments. Jihad is to remove barriers to the preaching efforts. Preaching is the aim! Jihad is the tool to achieve the aim. Jihadi movements should also open the gates of preaching to win the hearts of the Hindu masses. If they don’t embrace Islam their morale would at-least go down to the lowest ebb? This is the key to success.
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May 20, 2001
A Letter From Deendar Anjuman (Pakistan)
Mr. Atal Bihari Bajpai (Prime Minister of India)
Mr. L.K. Advani (Interior Minister of India)
It is more than seventy years that Hazrat Maulana Siddique Deendar claimed to be an avatar of Lingait, Chanbasveshwar by name. He then founded a movement of Deendar Anjuman, and declared that God had sent him to bring Hindus to the fold of the Shanti Dharam (Islam), the religion of the Jagat Guru (the Prophet of Islam). However, Hindu elites failed to swallow the bitter truth that their avatar could ever be re-born as a Muslim.
Whatever may have been the reaction, it is as true as God Himself that Chanbasveshwar was an avatar (Saint) and a Muslim. The irrefutable evidences are these prophecies of Kalignana that fit him like a glove. It was only due to his 56 bodily and 96 earthly signs that more than seven hundred Pundits and thousands-others embraced Islam at his hand. The Nizam Government, the British Government., the Indian Union, persecuted him and his followers for no reason but that he said, “God is with us.” He suffered from two attempts on his life, speech restrictions 32 times and imprisonments 44 times. The recent ban on the activities of Deendar Anjuman is not new, either to its members or to the world. From time immemorial, it has been the practice of people to mock their messengers.
In the case of Deendar Anjuman the ban has been imposed without proving the charges against its members. Under the circumstances, one rightly suspects the Government’s motives in the whole affair. The ban shall not however refrain the followers of Chanbasveshwar from preaching the Shanti Dhararn. By choosing other than Chanbasveshwar’s Dharam (Islam) and persecuting his innocent followers the present B.J.P extremists have assumed the role of Waali. Kumb Karan, and Ravan. Therefore, they would face the same fate, as did their predecessors.
Dear Messers, you must remember that the millennial Maha Yag Mantra was celebrated at Sita Ram Bagh Hyderabad Deccan in 1943. On that occasion 12 lacs mantras were recited. They were meant for inviting the Yagis from the northern mountains to the southern India to replace its Adharmi with the Dharam. The older series of such Maha Yag Mantra had marched the Yagis down headed by Shankar Achariya, Rama, Kirishna, etc. many a time, to carry out the Divine Plan. This time has Yagis (Khans) are Muslims, who shall certainly replace Brahmanism with Islam.
Besides the natural calamities like earthquakes, Afghans, Iranians, and Turks converting India into a Muslim State will play out the finale of the destruction. For details see the kalignana, and Sandhia Wandanam Maha Sankalpam by Viyas Muni. Still, if you want to avert the coming disaster, the only way out is the acceptance of Islam.
For: Habeeb Bin Waheed Central Joint Secretary Deendar Anjuman Pakistan
Dear Readers
From the news we received via InterMail or Darul-Iftas, it is charged that Deendar Anjuman is the second name of Ahmedi Sects.
Molana Siddique Deendar Saheb and Anjuman so many times explained that we do not believe in any kind of Sect, as Qura’an never promoted Firqa Warriat and a bit involvement in Sect, refers to Hell.
Anjuman also denied so many times that it has any relation with Ahmadiyya organization.
We therefore open a Dialogue box to share your ideas in this regard.
Please send your comments and thoughts at deendar@deendar.org