Mission, Targets & Activities

Since 1924, Deendar Anjuman has had the same Missions and Targets as practiced Molana Siddique Deendar Channabasveshwar himself and made his followers capable of fulfilling their duty. Our missions and targets are not strange, or we have not have such targets that keep us away from Muslims. We actually are trying to full fill our duty, for what we are commanded in Qura’an

“You are the best of people, evolved for mankind enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong and believing in Allah”

(Al-e-Imran Verse 110)
In this way, we proved Mohamad SAW as the “World Teacher” whom every nation is awaiting, though he has come.
As this organization is also a movement that is based on Divine voice “Hindustan Will Become Muslim”, the main target is to spread Islam among the non Muslims and thus complete their religion.
To achieve this target, members of Deendar Anjuman have devoted their lives and are busy in preaching of Islam. They strongly believe in Jihad, but it is to be clear that the concept of Jihad is quit different with us. We don’t believe in that kind of Jihad which is normally understood. In our opinion, Jihad can only be fought when the offer of Islam has already been served.
Feeling ourselves responsible for this work, most followers have dedicated their lives and are known as Mubalighen-e-Islam. They are free from material desires as they have sold themselves to Allah for Heaven (Qura’an Sura-11 Verso 111)
We also invite humanity to have dialogue with on how to bring peace and order to the world.