History and Background

Islamic Center for Muslims to Achieve Spiritual Goals

In early 1920s, a very embarrassing situation arose in Malkhana (North India) when thousands of Muslims were converted into the Hindu fold. It was a very critical time for Hindu Muslim relations in India, and is called “Period of Irtidad” amongst Muslims.
At this juncture, Siddique Deendar publicly declared that he had been appointed by Allah as the reincarnation of Chanbasveshwar to bring all Hindus to Islam. This was not whimsical declaration, but he had all signs of Chanbasveshwar described in Hindu religious books.
He was also confronted with stiff opposition from various Hindu groups, particularly the Lingayats, the AryaSamajists and the Sanatanists, for his religious views and missionary activities.
“All India will become Muslim”
That means Deendar Anjuman is not the creation of a man’s mind, but its formation is based on the authority of Allah and on ILHAAM (revelation), i.e it’s a pure Spiritual Islamic Movement.
Besides, it was also a divine reply to the Shuddhi Movement of the Arya Samaj, in the course of which several lac Muslims in north India were made Hindus.

Who are we?

We are the followers of Islam and believe in the Oneness of Allah, and the Finality of His last messenger Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa Sallal Laho Aleyha Wasallam. We believe that Allah has chosen us for the whole world to spread the message revealed to His beloved prophet Mohammad (SAW ).
We introduce ourselves as the messengers of Allah under the authority as follows:
“Thus have we made of you an Ummat justly balanced that ye might be witness over the nations, and the prophet a witness over yourselves”
We disapprove of sectarianism of any kind in Muslim Ummah. Peaceful co-operation is the characteristic feature of much of the history of the Anjuman. We believe in the teachings which Allah’s revealed to His last Prophet Mohammad (SAW), and take him to be Final and Last Authority on Religion. Molana Siddique Deendar Chanbasveshwar has already written in his book “Khadime-Khatim-un-Nabiyeen” that Qadianism is the greatest test of this age.
He also made it all too clear that,
“I do believe that having any claim on Muslim is just a Zindiqiat (Lie)”
We believe that the person who prays like us, turns towards the Qibla (Baitullah”), believes in the oneness of Allah and the finality of the prophet-hood of Mohammad (SAW), he is a Muslim. And according to the Qura’an, Sunnah and Fiqah, we have no right to call him un-believer.
We believe in “Two Nation Theory” meaning there are only two nations, one that believes in Allah and His Messenger Mohammad (SAW) and the other that does not.

Mission and Targets

Since 1924 Deendar Anjuman has had the same Missions and Targets as were fixed by Molana Siddique Deendar Chanbasveshwar, which it followed throughout in letter and spirit. Our missions and targets are not new, or we have not been given a target that might break us with Muslims. We are indeed trying to fulfill the duty as laid down in the Qura’an on the Muslims.

“You are the best of people, evolved for mankind enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong and believing in Allah”

(Al-e-Imran Verse 110)
What is right to be enjoined most importantly? or what deserves to e called “al-Ma’arf” (the Arabic word used in this verse)? It is none but Muhammad (SAW) himself. He is virtue incarnate. Our duty is to enjoin obedience to him on the whole mankind, and to show our defiance of those against him.
As this organization is based on the Divine voice that told “Hindustan Will Become Muslim”, its main target is, therefore, to spread Islam among the Hindus and thus, let them complete their religion.
To achieve this target, members of Deendar Anjuman have devoted their lives. They preach and strongly believe in Jihad. But it is to be clear that Jihad is a very different concept with us, we don’t believe in that kind of Jihad that is normally understood. According to Shariah, if we cut even a hen without the name of Allah read on it, it becomes Harram (unlawful). So how can Muslims be allowed to kill others without presenting Islam to them?
Feeling responsible, most of the followers of Siddiq Deendar Chanbasveshwar (R.A) dedicated their lives to the cause and are known as Mubaligheen-e-Islam. They have no interest in Material World as they have sold out themselves to Allah, in return for Heaven (Qura’an Sura-11 Verso 111)
We also invite people to share views with us on issues like human rights, global peace, order, and the way to develop humanity according to the religious books.
Tools of Preaching
01 Qura’an and Hadith
02 Old Testament
03 New Testament
04 Vedas + Puranas + Geeta + Kalignanas + Upanishads + Shastras
05 And other religious books

Missionary Activities

Inter-Religious Conference

This is a regular feature of the Anjuman. It is held on the occasion of death anniversary of Molana Siddique Deendar Chanbasveshwar. In this conference, we invite all personality from all faiths to prove if their religions can bring peace to humanity, and at the end, our members show that Islam is the only religion which guarantees peace throughout the world. This conference goes on for three days.


Sending delegations to the people at the helms of affairs have been the hall mark of Deendar Anjuman. The preachers of Islam (Muballighine) are always traveling different places individually and in groups. The main goal of there activity is to invite non Muslims to the faith of Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W) and to rouse the Muslims to Jihad against the hostility to Islam and the persecution of Muslims.

Books + Literature

Muballigheen like their head Molana Siddique Deendar Chanbasveshwar, have brought out their thoughts in blac and white. The books and magazines are the wealth of Anjuman, and are open to all for study. Books are listed in Book Folder.

Invitations Of Islam to Non-Muslims

On every important religious occasion of other nations, this is a regular activity of Anjuman to invite them to embrace Islam the true religion. To this effect, we have sent letters to the heads of non-muslin countries, religious, political and social leaders. We invite them to study Islam and to have fruitful dialogs. This activity is known as “Dawat Nama-e-Islam”

Precise study of Qura’an (Darse-Quran)

Asif Nagar Hyderabad Deccan India Daily after the Prayer of Fajar & Maghrib.

Lecture on Hindu Mythology

(Asif Nagar Hyderabad Deccan India Daily after Darse-Qura’an)
(Korangi – Karachi Pakistan Every Sunday from 10-to 11 a.m.)


In every three months, Anjuman publishes a Magazine DEENDAR which highlights the current affairs and their solution in the light of the Qura’an and other religious books. Burning topics are specially discussed in this magazine.

Special Programs on Special Occasions

On special Islamic occasions, Anjuman organizes special programs. In such program Mubaligheen-e-islam and their young followers deliver speeches and present facts in the light of Qura’an, Hadith, history and other scriptures.


Tools of Preaching
01 Deendar Anjuman is not confined to any sects of Islam, we are Muslims and are proud to be so.
02 To make India Muslim is our target.
03 To spread Islam is our aim of life.
04 Tabligh and Jihad are our tools.
05 Our Faith is our worth.