What is Chanbasveshwar?

ChanBassweshwar is the combination of three Sanskrit Words Chann + Basso + Eshwer that is True / Real + Man + God (Allah). So ChanBassweshwar means true man of Allah or in Arabic can be translated as Siddique.
According to the holly scriptures of Hindus, ChanBassweshwar is a person who will guide the nation to the Jagat Garu. And he will come with his Fifty six of body signs and Ninety six earthly signs. He will also keep the nation about the real Atma, and help the nation to obey the rules of Eshwar. All signs and predictions amazingly fit in with the personality of Siddique Deendar.

Siddique Deendar (ChanBassweshwa)

Siddique Deendar was born in 1886 at BalamPet in GuruMatkal Talikotta of Gulberga District (India). His name is Syed Siddiqe Hussain. He received his primary education in Gulberga then in Hyderabad Deccan. He had spiritual powers from his childhood, and his dreams came true.
He also learnt Arabic by Maulana Abdul Nabi, latter he was enrolled at Muhammadan Arts College, Madras and from there he went to Bursen college Lahore for his higher education. In the course of his studies, He is said to have mastered in eleven languages and developed expertise in homeopathic. He was also a very good wrestler, swimmer, horse rider and had full command of playing sword.
As he has a religious bent of mind he contacted with several Sufis and famous Islamic Scholars of his time like Shibli Namani, Baba Tajudin, Hazrat Miskeen Shah Baba of Talpur, Mir Muhammad of Hyderabad and Zohra Bi.
In 1914 his love for Allah grew stronger and his great passions for studying Islam, took him to Qadiyan, where when Miraz Bashir Mehmood (Son of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Founder of Ahmedia Sect) claimed that “Hidden Facts and Reality of Deen will be revealed to you only if you swear the oath of allegiance to his hand”, he gave his hand out of sincerity into Mahmood’s hand.
But within 14 days, he saw the worst belief of Ahmedis about Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, and he got alarmed, he broke with his Bai’t and escaped from Qadiyan with out telling anyone, leaving his luggage there. He then joined the struggle against all the type of Qadiyaniees and associated himself with it for about ten years.

If any body claims to be a prophet after Hazrat Muhammad SAW, he is Kafir, Kazib and Dajjal.
None understand except the wise that those who follow the prophet Mohmammad (S.A.W) are showered with the blessing of Allah in Him we have the best example to follow. The wise need none other than him, he is sufficient for mankind and a messenger to mankind.
No power not even that of the sword of Sikandar-e-Azam could have broken the spell of Qaidanis but for Allah who entrusted the task to me

Hazrat Maulana Siddique

Apostasy movement and Chan Basweshwer

In 1924 the Arya Samaj launched a massive drive to convert Muslim to Hinduism and 900,000 Muslims of Mulkhana converted into Hindus and 70,000 was into Christians. This was a ground historical blow to the Muslim world. More over Muslim Khilafat was demolished. This situation demanded an outstanding leadership who could evaluate the down trodden Muslims to the height of spiritual glory.
Allah heard the prayers of and chosen a person to stop the apostasy movement, he is Hazrat Maulana Siddique Deendar famous as Chanbasweshwar born with bodily and heavenly signs already mentioned in holy scripts of Lingayyat (Hindu Sects) who they were looking forward to. This was an open challenge from Hazrat Maulana Siddique Deendar, that if anyone proved him false, he would pay him Rs.5000/- (1924)

Formation of Deendar Anjuman

After he was ordained Chan Baswehwer, he devoted himself to religious activities even more, had good command of the ancient languages and the religious treasures they offer. From time to time he got commands from Allah, till he was told that all India will become Muslim (1927 Ad), he organized his followers and formed Deendar Anjuman.

Basic Principles of Deendar Anjuman by Hazrat Maulana Siddique Deendar

Religious Struggles and Efforts

Offered Islam to the heads of disbelief, specially Rajas of Hindustan, Mahatma Gandhi, Viceroy and many others.
Annual Religious Conference held for three days, was originated by Siddique Deendar himself. This is a Muslim Platform for inter religious dialogues, where members of Deendar Anjuman have successfully proved that only Islam can guarantee the world peace. Islam itself means “PEACE”.

Delegations (Tablighi Wafood)

Hazrat Maulana Siddique Deendar trained many of his followers, who dedicated their lives to the cause of Islam, they are called Fuqra-e-Muballigheen-e-Islam. They frequently visit various countries and also Mandirs, Temples, and other religious places in their to make them aware about the advent of the World Teacher (Jagat Guru,Sarwer-e-Alam).


It was due to the efforts of Hazrat Maulana Siddique Deendar and Deendar Anjuman that the Muslim World was able to achieve the following ends:

Tools of Preaching