When the image of a person or an organization is distorted by way of conspiracy, it becomes necessary to show his/its true picture to the world.
From article and news items, about any Islamic organization, it seems that all are terrorist organizations which do not have any qualms of conscience. Media has failed to highlight the facts, most of them are practicing Yellow Journalism and do not publish the fact.
In the same series, for quite a few years, Deendar Anjuman is a burning issue in the world media. They present Anjuman as one of the sects of Islam, or a Qadiani Sect an epithet disgusting to us that proud being called Mulism only.
It is high time to show the world What Deendar Anjuman is, what it wants to do, and what it believes in.
Just a brief visit of our web site and a glance over the literature of Anjuman (available in printed/audio/vido formats) will be enough to prove our adversaries false.